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Hi chiptune and low-tek music lovers! This site is dedicated to my side music projects which I compose on my vintage computers and game consoles and sticking together with modern sound sequencing software, to make them more listenable for common audience. This method has many advantages, like e.g. absolute freedom in choosing sounds, possibility to mix sounds from different platforms and combine them with normal instruments. I’m preparing a startup EP album containing about five or six songs, with a huge amount of sounds of an AY soundchip from Sinclair ZX Spectrum and some other machines like C-64 or classic Game Boy. For those of you fans, who are impationed, there are three online sample tracks ready (in the sidebar) to listen to. Full release date should be approximately in spring 2012, hopefully. Stay tuned ^_^

Hello World FREE download!


Konnichiwa! Welcome in 2013! The Hello World album is FREE for download now! So yes. Download, listen and be happy ^^

Happy Birthday, ZX Spectrum!


Today, 4/23/2012, it’s 30 years after launch of the best British 8-bit microcomputer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum! Celebrate the birthday by supporting Hello World, mostly composed using this small and cute home computer! Go! :-)

Hello World. I am READY.


Hey! Today, 03/27/2012 is the BiG day! Why? Because the first EP album called Hello World has been launched! Check the site at Bandcamp.com for details! All the album is available in high quality formats. It was quite a hard and stressing work to get things together, especially mixing and modifying samplings from vintage machines and tempo fiddling, but finally it’s done :)